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Do motivated employees really perform best?

Mark Murphy, Manager of the US consulting firm Leadership IQ, had reasonable doubts concerning this statement and checked it. 
By means of a questionnaire he assessed the motivation of employees in about 200 US companies. In addition, Murphy recieved data from the respective companies regarding the performance of the employees questioned. 

Ingo Kallenbach

Book recommendation: Business Model You

This time our book recommendation is from the field of career guidance and "Life Styling". After the successful predecessor "Business Model Generation", management book of the year 2011, the authors Clark, Osterwalder & Pigneur (2013) have written the book Business Model You, which stands out from the vast crowd of career guides. 

Ingo Kallenbach

Wellbeing: small change - big effect

Who would have figured? Even small changes in the wellbeing of employees have a big effect on their performance! 

The fact that wellbeing at the workplace correlates with work performance nowadays no longer astonishes anyone. However, the fact that even small changes have measurable results lets the reader rub his eyes. And for us it is worth writing an article about. 

Ingo Kallenbach

Competence Diagnostics - Emotional Intelligence

Through Goleman's book Emotional Intelligence (1995) the approach of an intelligent organization and its members got popularised. According to modern studies leadership success depends up to 90% on the personal and social skills - the Emotional Intelligence - of leaders. Therefore, it is important to be literate with emotional skills.

Ingo Kallenbach

Mentoring Programme Management

Mentor is a character in Homer's Odysee. He is the wise advisor, counsellor and supporter, who looked after Telemach, the son of Odysseus whilst he was away. Today, mentoring stands for a relationship between individuals, who work together in role learning and knowledge transfer. Many examples of mentoring relationships in different cultures do exist, for example the Guru in India, the Master in China, the Village Elder in Africa or the Tribal Elder in North America.

Ingo Kallenbach

Internal resignation threatens the ability for innovation of German enterprises

The Gallup Engagement Index 2012 shows: German employees are only little committed with their employers - an alarming result. 

A quarter (24%) of the persons employed have already internally resigned and 61% practice simply work-to-rule. Only 15% of the persons employed are emotionally high engaged to their employer and attach volutarily to its goals. 

Ingo Kallenbach

Quo vadis Leadership Development?

The principles of "Lean Management" (read more in The Machine that changed the World : The Story of Lean Production) in 1990 led to the wide distribution of an approach that basically goes back to the methods of the Toyota Production System, which today still is considered as being leading in this field. As part of the introduction of lean processes for quality improvement and the avoidance of wastefulness there also is a trend towards lean leadership in the field of leadership development. The concept of Lean Leadership developed within the Lean Management philosophy of Toyota and already exists for some time now. 

Ingo Kallenbach

Personnel development for small budgets & potential sponsorship

Reflect sees itself as specialist for personnel developments in small and medium-sized businesses with small budgets since they often lack company-own personnel development. Usually they have neither the structure nor the budget to continuously guarantee good personnel development work. In good times individual employees or complete departments are sent to externally organized seminars, which causes high costs and the contribution of the company often is not recognizable. In bad times employees simply are not being further developed.

Ingo Kallenbach

Are you rowing - or just swimming?

In April the Reflect team picked up the rudders and gained speed for their team at the Goldkanal near Karlsruhe – a great experience with a high fun factor. 

Rowing is easy! I can do that - no problem! Those were common expectations before the event. In fact, rowing is similar to project work in everyday working life. It requires high concentration, organisational skills and teamwork in order to find a rhythm, and it is not a child´s game at all. 

Ingo Kallenbach

How can change processes be more succcessful?

So far agile project management methods, e. g. Scrum, have been mostly employed in IT software development (Microsoft, Google etc.). Currently there are considerations on how to employ these methods in "classical" change processes. In this note we would like to offer you some ideas, which advantages could result when these methods are employed in change management from our point of view. We will concentrate on Scrum, since it is the best-known agile method. 

Ingo Kallenbach

Book recommendation

For all of those among our readers that also have a global responsibility for recruiting, employment and further development of employees in their company, we would like to recommend a book written by the professors Caligiuri, Lepak and Bonache. The first two have chairs at the Rutgers University in New Jersey, Jaime Bonache does research and teaches at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona. Usually we are a bit sceptical of books whose authors have a purely academic background, because they often have too little practical use for everyday life of human resource developers and HR managers.

Ingo Kallenbach

Good news for employees that are able to identify themselves with their company

In numerous studies by the Gallup Institute it has been proven several times that emotionally attached employees perform better and switch their jobs less often. This was now confirmed in German studies with regard to stress. Researchers led by Prof. van Dick from the Goethe-University in Frankfurt found out that it is less individual resilience that makes employees feel stressed, but that the stress level is dependent on how strongly employees can identify with their team or their company.

Ingo Kallenbach

HR business partnership with Fiducia IT AG successfully kicked off!

On May 6th, 2013, we started an extensive qualification program together with the human resources and services department of Fiducia IT AG. The aim is the further development of the consulting competence and, thus, an increase in the value contribution according to the concept of the HR business partner. After a kick-off meeting with the approximately 40 employees involved at the Novotel in Karlsruhe we are very much looking forward to this long-term cooperation.

Ingo Kallenbach

How can reorganisation succeed?

An article in the ZfO (Zeitschrift „Führung und Organisation“ – a German magazine for „Management and Organisation“) uncovers 6 factors for success that have been familiar for quite some time now. 

The German magazine „Zeitschrift Führung und Organisation“ (05/2012) recently published an article on the subject of success factors of reorganisation activities.

Ingo Kallenbach

Ignite your professional career!

Reflect has been successfully certified according to AZAV by QUACERT Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Qualitätsmanagementsystemen mbH. What does that imply for you in person? According to German employment promotion law we are authorized provider of measures for professional further education and integration. 

As accredited training provider we are able to effectively support you in your personal and professional development.