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Ingo Kallenbach

Strategic Personnel Development: "Transformative HR"

Every year the number of challenges HR-people have to deal with grows: Globalization, flexible work force, various models for working time, cost pressure, evaluation of the benefit of HR, well-chosen and on-time filling of key positions, talent-recruiting, developing the work force, sustainable change processes, learning organization, just to name some of the most important key aspects. With their data-oriented approach called ”Transformative HR” the two American HR-pioneers Boudreau and Jesuthasan show how to successfully address upcoming changes on the basis of evidence and avoid unintended consequences in the best possible way.



Strategic personnel development with regard to Transformative HR

The book is divided into two parts. In part one five principles are unfolded that are helpful for evidence-oriented change processes: “logic-driven analytics“, “segmentation“, “risk-leverage“, “integration and synergy“ and “optimization“. The principles in short: After analyzing the existing data and segmenting the data into demands and target groups the next step is to quantify dangers. The differentiation in real demands and existing risks is just the beginning. Concluded decisions have to be integrated in a way so they all fit together and can actually create an added value. As a result of this process there has to be a good balance between standardization and customer orientation.
The second part describes this method with the help of concrete, practical examples of various companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

This book once again shows the trend towards more numbers in HR. A trend that surely will be defining the upcoming years. In opposite to some other approaches that use numbers as an end in itself, “Transformative HR” clearly shows a strategic approach that for progressive HR-people in high positions can be used in a profitable way for their organization.