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Press release on the Officina Humana Initiative

Together with designfunktion, the consulting firm Reflect takes on a pioneering role in the Officina Humana initiative. The project is further supported by the funding partner Vitra. Reflect and designfunktion were each selected as partners in a competition. The ASB Hessen will continue to be represented in the advisory board of the project.

The Officina Humana initiative was developed as an organisational development programme for companies by the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Hessen (ASB) based on an idea by Prof. Jan Teunen.

The overriding goal of this initiative is to create living spaces with human potential from pure working spaces. With the help of Officina Humana, working conditions in German companies are to be optimised in such a way that the increasing number of work-related illnesses can be counteracted and workspaces are given a quality that encourages creative spirit and creativity and reduces burnout risks.


Signing of the cooperation agreement "Officina Humana";
from left to right: Prof. Jan Teunen, Mr. Müller-Witte, Mr. Ayoub, Mr. Kallenbach
Source: Lennart Preiss Photography

Quality in handling and quality in the environment

The Officina Humana project has identified two major issues that are the main motivation drivers for office staff: quality of interaction and quality of environment. The quality of interaction describes the culture in the company with all its facets and the quality in the environment, the design of the room, the working environment.

The team from Reflect, experts in change management and leadership and personnel development, provides advice in the area of quality in dealings. The development of holistic solutions for companies that want to comprehensively develop the potentials of their employees and their culture is at the forefront of Reflect's consulting services. Targeted reflection creates new perspectives and innovative solutions - for more performance, health, potential development and future security.

"We are grateful and happy to take on a pioneering role at Officina Humana," says Ingo Kallenbach, Managing Director of Reflect. "In a healthy organization, the success of a company depends to a large extent on its culture. The corporate culture is, among other things, the result of balanced leadership. It is therefore crucial to recognise, focus and promote the individual strengths of each manager and his or her employees. In this way, companies can succeed in achieving extraordinary performance in a team and in unfolding overall organisational potential. The environment factor, i.e. the space and design of the working environment, also radiates to all areas of a healthy organisation. This holistic approach is what makes the Officina Humana initiative so special," adds Kallenbach.

"We applied for the Officina Humana project because we also have the goal of planning and implementing "effective spaces". We not only learn from our projects how much space, employer attractiveness and innovative strength are connected, but we have also learned from our studies with the Fraunhofer IAO. We are therefore very pleased that the ASB has chosen us. Together with our funding partner Vitra, our experts from consulting, planning and furnishing can comprehensively cover the field of quality in the environment," explains Samir Ayoub, managing partner of the designfunktion Group.

The initiator of Officina Humana, Jan Teunen, will accompany the project intensively and proactively draw the attention of decision-makers in companies to the necessity of a transformation - for moral, but also tangible business reasons.

About the Officina Humana Initiative - The Human Office

In order to sensitize potential customers to the topic and to speak at eye level with the decision makers, ASB Hessen commissioned Andreas Kulick, Christoph Quarch and Jan Teunen to design the book Officina Humana in 2012. On more than 500 pages, all aspects of the office as a living space for the development of potential are illuminated. Since then, Jan Teunen has drawn attention to the project and the award-winning book in many lectures.



The alliance of designfunktion, Reflect, Jan Teunen and the ASB is intended to support companies in their further development, solve problems and tap the potential of a new spatial and work organisation. Many companies today complain of a loss of up to 50 percent of personnel costs due to burnout, depression, internal dismissal and less than optimal forms of communication, cooperation and process development.

The rooms are often not designed in such a way that they can be motivated, creative and productive. Jan Teunen is certain that environment and interaction are mutually dependent: "In spaces that take into account people's individual needs, people treat each other with care, they can unfold their potential and make a significant contribution to entrepreneurial, social and cultural value creation. Ultimately, not only employees, but also entrepreneurs benefit from "effective spaces".

About Reflect GmbH & Co. KG

Reflect is one of the leading consulting companies in the field of change management and strategic personnel development in Germany. The purpose of Reflect is to support companies in their development towards a healthy organisation. Healthy in two respects: economic and human. The lever, in order to be able to realize this, lies in the development of the potential available on an individual, team and organizational level. The environment plays a central role in the well-being and performance of the people working in the company.

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