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Ingo Kallenbach

Direct communication: “Here’s looking at you, kid!“

In times of globality and full calendars, the temptation of dealing with things via e-mail, text message, phone, “messenger“, “whats app“, Skype or video conference, in order to save time is very big. Essential aspects of communication hereby get lost on the way. The danger of misunderstandings inevitably increases. There are numerous studies that confirm the superiority of communication from eye to eye over all other forms (phone, e-mail, video conference).

direct communication

Fig. 1: Direct communication

In 2012 the Meetology® Laboratory was able to show that from direct communication more and more creative ideas were generated compared with communication via video and via telephone. Also it was shown that direct conversations were of a much higher quality.

The “employee engagement study“ (2010) of YouGov examined the employee loyalty in companies. It revealed that employee loyalty increased when employees were directly involved in decisions or were informed of decisions personally instead of via e-mail. The same holds true for fixed targets: If employees can directly talk with their superiors about company targets, they will show a stronger loyalty and more engagement for these targets, as if they had merely read an e-mail.

An absurd but unfortunately realistic video on this subject (in German) you can find here.

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