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Ingo Kallenbach

Leadership development: the concerns of British managers

To be honest: 2013 is about to end, but nevertheless we think it is worth to hint in this Note at a study pointing out what is important to the managers from the British Isles. As a sophisticated personnel manager or entrepreneur you should find a lot of hints how to develop your organisational culture, leadership development or talent management to clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors. 

The latest Management Agenda by Boury, Dilip and colleagues from the well-known Roffey-Park Institute in London focuses on 4 topics: 

In the area of perception of external business surroundings, the biggest challenge is seen in the handling of long-term limitations like reduced budget or income, managing change and workload.

From the manager’s point of view towards their company and their dealing with changes, good leadership is characterized by approachableness, humanity and a down-to-earth attitude. Furthermore, leaders should point out a clear strategic direction, stick to this direction and show interest in implementing it. 


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Regarding the estimation of workforce and function of HR a clear segmentation of HR-tasks between leader and HR is still being missed by the managers asked in the survey. To increase efficiency of the own team, a lot of managers agree that precise naming of expectations, feedback on performance on a regular basis, staff involvement in goal-setting and rewarding good performance are good methods. Further education of staff members is mainly seen as a means of personal development and as an answer to specific organisational challenges. 

Concerning the personal and professional experience, the interviewed leaders state coping with a number of challenges (excessive workload, competition for resources, insufficient clearness of one´s role, organisational politics, lack of recognition, lack of control over one´s work) as well as happiness, wellbeing, stress at work, employee engagement, conflict and bullying as the most important subjects. 

You may have already heard about the topics listed above. They could serve as a helpful blueprint, e.g. for an organisation analysis for human resource mangers, in order that they can establish themselves as value-added business partners. 

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