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Ingo Kallenbach

The Healthy Organisation presented at the "Reflect Day"

On September 23rd, 2013 - one day after the German parliamentary elections - we introduced our model, the Healthy Organisation, and the subjects related to this topic for the first time within the scope of our Reflect Day. The healthy organisation - a central theme of our work - may serve as a useful blueprint for companies. It demonstrates how to bring a company on a healthy course: by means of healthy, economic profits, healthy employees and healthy processes.

The first thoughts on how to achieve extraordinary performance and simultaneously content and healthy employees date back to the year 2008. The concept is a holistic approach, since we presume that a Yoga course or an ergonomically equipped work place itself will not suffice to achieve such a target. In our opinion this is only possible if there is a "healthy" strategy translating into suitable structures and supported by a respective company culture. The concept of a healthy organisation - in particular with regard to a healthy leadership - was laid out by Tina Dieterich and Frank Widmayer.

Our long-standing partner in the field of diagnostics, Mr. Frank M. Scheelen, Managing Director of the Scheelen AG, introduced an interesting instrument in the field of Emotional Intelligence, which fits perfectly with our concept of the healthy organisation. 
By means of a questionnaire this instrument measures significant dimensions such as self-perception, self-regulation and self-motivation; furthermore, the interaction with others with regard to an assessment of one's own empathy and social competency in general. 
The significance and awareness of the effectiveness of emotional intelligence has significantly increased over the last decade - also due to respective research results. Today it is clear: emotionally intelligent people are more effective - particularly if social interaction is important in their work (e. g. in leadership positions or in sales). 


Fig. 1: Emotional Intelligence

Ingo Kallenbach, Managing Director of Reflect, gave an impetus to the most successful instrument of personnel development: coaching. He introduced a new Training in the field of Coaching and Change Management, which has already been implemented several times in Switzerland and in Germany. Its contents and the respective benefits were demonstrated by means of concrete study cases for each training module. 

At the core is an energizing self experience in the learning and development process and the expansion of one's own role competency – e.g. how does the other think (rationality of the other), how does a social system work? The training has a suitable design with effective intervention methods and enables a sustainable transfer into one's own work. The curriculum structure enables a secure foundation for your coaching cases!  
Unique in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, the training is subsidized by the German employment agency under certain conditions.

As usual, it was important to us to incorporate the interest and opinions of our participants on this day. That is why we performed live surveys with real-time results within the individual sequences via smart phones and tablet PCs. An innovative way of obtaining feedback made possible by our cooperation partner, Honestly GmH. 

We are very much looking forward to any questions regarding our key themes or suggestions on your behalf!