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Ingo Kallenbach

Leadership Development: "Hidden Champions"

In a study (which can be requested from us) performed at the end of 2013 665 decision-makers of small and medium-sized technology-minded companies were questioned. Their products belong to the best in the world, although they are mostly unknown to the consumers. Unlike major corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises often have a hard time recruiting specialists and executives, because the lack of reputation and unfavorable locations often have a negative influence. That is what is reflected in the results of this study: The four subjects stated the most frequently are talent management, employee loyalty, employee motivation and engagement as well as personnel development. Acquiring, retaining and developing employees in times of demographic changes has become even more of an explosive issue with regard to the planned “retirement at 63“.

Interesting at this point is that the subject “demographic change“ was named as a top subject by merely 5% of the population questioned. Probably because the demographic change is presumed to be the cause but not the solution. The fact that the demographic change has arrived a long time ago in the small and medium-sized enterprises is something nobody questions anymore. Also, the aspect of “health management“ is at 16% alongside “change management“ at place 10.

The results of this study make one thing very clear: Personnel development (incl. the subject of employee recruitment) is steadily gaining importance. Within the healthy organisation we combine the subjects of personnel development, leadership development and health management into one holistic concept and are thus able to offer innovative and practice-tested solutions for the development of small and medium-sized companies.