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Ingo Kallenbach

Internal resignation threatens the ability for innovation

The Gallup Engagement Index 2012 shows: German employees are only little committed with their employers - an alarming result. A quarter (24%) of the persons employed have already internally resigned and 61% practice simply work-to-rule. Only 15% of the persons employed are emotionally high engaged to their employer and attach volutarily to its goals.


engagenment index Gallup

Fig. 1: Gallup - Engagment Index


Within the timeframe between August to December 2012 a number of 2198 people employed (from 18 years onwards) were interviewed via phone for the study on their engagement and motivation at work.

Employees without emotional engagement show less self-initiative, willingness to perform plus responsibility - and are more often absent. Due to absenteeism caused by missing or little emotional engagement annual costs of 18.3 milliards Euro evolve for the German economy. The follow-up costs for enterprises and economy through productivity losses are up to 112 - 138 milliards Euro according to Gallup-estimations. 

Disengaged employees are without new ideas in contrast to emotional engaged employees, who in average ad 45% more suggestions for improvements (!) into the business context, as their disengaged colleagues. 

The leadership behavior is responsible for employee engagement, as if requirements and expectations of motivated employees - over a longer period of time - get ignored, denies arise. If the manager is approachable and is able to listen to new ideas and recommendations real improvements can be achieved. 2001 only 15% of the interviewees were counted towards to group not engaged employees and in 2007 round 20%, whereas in 2012 the results reached the peak of 24%. Increasingly more employees drift into internal resignation and therefore enterprises urgently need to take more care of their employees - this counts for all occupational groups. 


Attentive leadership behavior and effective initiatives for employee engagement are the crucial success criteria with regards to the ability for innovation of enterprises. The central question for us: Where do all the millions expensed for leadership development flow into, without apparently not having an effect? Please WAKE UP!