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Ingo Kallenbach

Change Management: Business Model You

This time our book recommendation is from the field of career guidance and "Life Styling". After the successful predecessor "Business Model Generation", management book of the year 2011, the authors Clark, Osterwalder & Pigneur (2013) have written the book Business Model You, which stands out from the vast crowd of career guides.


Change Management Business Model You

Fig. 1: Change Management: Business Model You

For one thing, 328 "magicians of everyday working life" from 43 countries have made contributions to this piece of work, filling it with good concepts, numerous personal examples and international perspectives. Secondly, the design of the book its simply worth seeing and whets the appetite for browsing, reading and looking into again and again. Thirdly, it contains an innovative and successful concept called "Canvas", by means of which the personal model for success can be developed step by step. The so-called Canvas is made up of 9 fields (from costs over key resources up to value propositions) that can be filled in and gathered on one page. Simultaneously, these 9 fields constitute helpful perspectives to recognize what you personally like to do, are able to do and what could benefit others.

From our point of view this book is suitable for personnel developers responsible for the potential development of their employees, as well as for professional career coaches. Of course not to forget each and every individual person that from time to time reflects about him or herself, the current situation or the future. Christmas is said to be an excellent time for such reflections…