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Ingo Kallenbach

Competence Diagnostics - Emotional Intelligence

Through Goleman's book Emotional Intelligence (1995) the approach of an intelligent organization and its members got popularised. According to modern studies leadership success depends up to 90% on the personal and social skills - the Emotional Intelligence - of leaders. Therefore, it is important to be literate with emotional skills.


compentency diagnostics emotional intelligence

Fig. 1: Competency Diagnostics - Emotional Intelligence


The understanding and managing of emotions of your colleagues, teams and preliminary your own emotions is very important in this context. A conscious handling of emotions pays in directly to the satisfaction, motivation and healthy performance of organizations and its members. Competent, loyal and excited employees with unique competencies are the most important success factor within your organization - we know this from theory, science and practice. The challenge is to qualify the right people, train them, and offer an ideal team environment and grow together. In this relation we talk about the development of interpersonal skills such as sense of self, self-regulation and self-motivation as well as interpersonal skills such as empathy. Our consultants have realised over the last years, that emotional skills are getting more and more relevant in all industries. Therefore we have set up a practice group on research diagnostics and exchange results on our network of experts. We would like to share our results and experience with you and are interested in your experiences with Emotional Intelligence.